Ranch Rush

Fresh Games (Shareware)

Ranch Rush is a farm-themed time management game developed by the company Fresh Games. The player assumes the role of Sara, a young girl who works at Jim’s flower nursery. Financial problems threaten the existence of the nursery and Sara broaches the idea of putting up a farmer’s market to generate revenue for the nursery. Within just eight weeks, Sara has to achieve the monetary goal by fulfilling all the customers’ orders. She has to get the right amount of produce like corn, honey, and corn as well as eggs and fleece to earn money. This game consists of three main parts: crop harvesting, raising animals for dairy products, and operating machines to turn raw materials into commercial products.

In Ranch Rush, the player has to monitor his/her crops closely to prevent them from dying or being infested by pests. They need to be watered regularly and re-planted when needed. Raising animals also requires constant care as the player can collect milk and clothing materials from them. The use of industrial machines is very important because it allows the player to produce various commodities from the raw materials s/he collected. The time frame of the game is divided into six days, including a farmer’s market bonus on Saturday. At the start of the game, the player is supplied with basic planting equipment, soil, and seed bags.