FTweak (Freeware)

RAMRush is a free utility used for the management and optimization of a computer’s system memory. Memory usage is effectively optimized and physical RAM can be freed up using this application.  It enables the user’s computer system and RAM to run efficiently and helps prevent memory leaks and system crashes.

This application is comprised of settings that can easily be used even by those who are not computer savvy, since it runs on a set number of features.  It is represented by a small window in a computer’s system tray. The application’s window is divided into two components which indicate the real-time RAM and CPU memory usage, which are displayed just by placing one’s cursor over the window. The data is presented by a graph that can be tweaked in terms of colors via the settings screen. The application can be configured in various ways through the options window.  One can set the application to start at Windows startup. Selecting “start optimizing” on the context menu or through a customized hotkey will initiate freeing up memory whenever the total available RAM falls under 8%. One can also design the application to display a notification when it is undergoing an optimization task via notification balloons.