RamMap 1.32

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

The RamMap is a standalone tool that can be found in the Sysinternals program suite for Windows-powered systems. This suite is a collection of troubleshooting and management tools that can be applied to a wide array of Microsoft programs. These make operations more effective and processes more efficient.

Although computer processes come in various sizes and have different physical memory requirements, it is still difficult to monitor and identify which specific program is eating up a majority of the available RAM space in a system. Apart from the amount of physical memory assigned to each process, users also need to know information pertaining to the size of cached data per program and amount of kernel usage per device driver. The RamMap tool aims to provide an answer to all of these.

Aside from assisting users in monitoring programs and processes, active or not, the RamMap application can also be used to assess each executable function to determine its necessity. When launched, the program will start an assessment of the active programs on a computer. If the user desires, he can choose to manually select which processes are to be analyzed. After this, a report will be generated carrying all of the RAM usage data.