RAM Saver Professional 12.3


RAM Saver Professional is a RAM optimizer and RAM booster application used for improving the computer’s performance. It does this by freeing more RAM space for installed programs. The application has four main functions. It defragments the system memory, which provides faster access times. It also increases CPU and Motherboard caches’ efficiency. It is also possible to recover memory leaks. Lastly,  it flushes unused libraries temporarily.

The program contains two basic components – RAM Optimizer Control Panel and System Tray – Module. After launching it, RAM Saver Pro will display the RAM Optimizer Control Panel. The System Tray module will also automatically sits on the background. The system tray icon will display the free RAM percentage on the computer. Right-clicking on the icon will bring up the program’s main menu that includes different functions that the program can perform. There’s a button for opening the RAM Saver Control Panel, Run Classic, Show Memory Monitor, Show CPU Usage Monitor and more. It also has tools to access and perform tasks on the Recycle Bin, Control Panels, Toolbar Panels, System Tools and Screen Saver.

The RAM Optimizer Control Panel provides more tools offered by the program. It has a Monitoring tool that displays complete RAM statistics and trade memory loading. There’s also an Optimizer tool used for optimizing the RAM with the chance of monitoring the processing that occurs while the process is ongoing. Other tools available in the Control Panel include Benchmark, Processes, Boosted Shortcuts, Common Options and Advanced Options tools.