RAM Idle Professional (Shareware)

RAM Idle is an optimizing program that enhances user productivity by boosting system performance. One of the ways by which the program does this is by clearing physical RAM (Random Access Memory) applications and some Windows processes that the system may be using unnecessarily. It also has a start-up manager and cache manager that allows for more optimization despite average system RAM. Here are more details on the features of RAM Idle:

• Cache Optimizer – allows the user to efficiently optimize the Windows cache with a few keystrokes. The Windows cache is where data frequently accessed is stored.
• RAM Optimizer – clears up space and adds to the memory of the system to generate faster performance.
• Start-up Manager – provides the user with the option to speed up system performance by choosing which programs and applications to run at start-up.

In addition to these main features, RAM Idle also gives the user the ability to create a special program shortcut for often-used programs, which are given priority by the CPU processors by freeing up some RAM prior to the initializing of these programs. There is also a System Info feature that gives the user easy access to current CPU usage and free RAM statistics for better monitoring.