Rally Trophy

Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. with JoWood Productions (Freeware)

Released in the year 2001, Rally Trophy is a gaming application developed by Bugbear Entertainment and published by JoWood Productions. It is a car racing game that features different stages (a total of 42). The kinds of road surfaces vary from paved to muddy. Rally races virtually take place in five countries, namely Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Kenya.

Rally Trophy is considered a “historic rally simulator”. The main reasons are because it imitates or represents the original rally racing, and uses old or historic model cars. Cars available to choose from by players are Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, Alpine A110, Fiat 600 Abarth, Ford Escort MK1 RS2000, Ford Cortina, Lancia Fulvia, Lancia Stratos, Mini Cooper 1275S, Opel Kadett, Saab 96 V4, and Volvo Amazon. All these cars are physics model types.

There are two modes of playing Rally Trophy. These are single-player and multiplayer. Each player has a co-driver that assists and guides them on what direction to follow and degree to choose. The ultimate goal of this game is to be the first driver to reach the finish line at the fastest time. Like in a real racing game, the player’s best time, laps, time, rank or position, and mileage are displayed on the computer screen. There are also several hazards and obstructions (i.e. boulders, water, and trees) on the road to watch out for that a player may encounter and should avoid.