Rally Championship Xtreme

Warthog Plc (Proprietary)

Rally Championship Xtreme is a 3D computer game in which players take part in rally-style races set in different locations around the world. It is part of the Rally Championship series of games. This game features 27 cars and 24 tracks. Among the popular race car models included in the game are the Lancia Stratos, the Subaru Impreza, and the Audi Quattro. The game makes use of realistic physics when driving as well as damage modeling, adding to the true-to-life feel of rally racing.

There are four single-player modes users can choose from: arcade, single race, championship, and challenge mode. There is also a multiplayer mode that can be played through the Internet of by using a local network connection.

Rally Championship Xtreme provides users with the ability to modify the parameters of the car. In addition, the game has the following features:

• Realistic graphics and animations – the game makes use of three-dimensional graphics as well as real world physics. This shows in the realistic driving experience and how damage to cars is portrayed.
• New races – aside from the routes used by the British Rally Championship, the game features three new race courses (Safari, United States, Arctic).
• Editor comments remote control – users can set the curves of the race tracks