Rainmeter Team (Freeware)

Rainmeter is a desktop customization application for Windows computers. One of the features of the application is functional skins. These skins do not only change the appearance of the desktop, but they also have useful components like a media player controller, a to-do list, an application launcher, and many more. There are thousands of skins available from the developers of the program.

Other desktop gadgets that can be added with the use of the program are computer usage meter, a clock, a media player, weather forecast, a news feed, a calendar, and a lot more. The Rainmaker skins can be downloaded from different websites. Creating and modifying skins is also possible, since the program provides all the tools. There is a tutorial on how to create skins.

Users have full control over the contents displayed on the desktop. Some of the things that can be changed include the position of the gadgets, the opacity, and the sizes. These settings can then be saved and used immediately or for a later time. Users can get support for using the program on the website’s forum. The community consists of active users who answer questions and share their knowledge regarding the program. Rainmeter works on little resources so it won’t clog up the resources.