Rainbow Web 2 1.1

Sugar Games (Shareware)

Rainbow Web 2 is a puzzle game from Sugar Games. This game requires grouping colored beads and putting them into groups of three or more within a web. Rainbow Web 2 is an adventure game developed for all age groups. It consists of 82 levels that increase in difficulty as the game progresses.

The goal of the game is to swap beads and create vertical or horizontal lines of three or more beads with matching colors. In order to win a level, players have to collect letters and complete the hidden phrase of the game. Besides the puzzle games and adventure quests involved, Rainbow Web 2 has an involving storyline, fairytale-like story, cartoon effects, and upbeat fun music. In this game, the player has to defeat the spider villain by completing all the levels. As for the game controls, the player only has to left-click on the beads to move them.

The game features 82 different levels where players have to pass through 14 unique rooms that come with different special tasks. There are also mini-games - namely Hidden Objects and Jigsaw Puzzle - as well as several webs. This arcade-style game has a simple premise and a basic dynamic, but the number of levels and progressive difficulty makes for long-term gameplay.