RailWorks (Proprietary)

RailWorks is train simulation game released on July 2009 by Rail Simulator. This game allows players to drive a variety of trains through different routes in the US, UK and Germany. RailWorks base package comes with 9 default routes and 16 drivable locomotives and multiple units. It also includes some passenger coaches and freight vehicles.

RailWorks offers a variety of routes from different countries that may be purchased online. For US routes, RailWorks offers train routes including Cajon Pass in California, Donner Pass through Reno and the Northeast Corridor Expansion Pack. RailWorks also offers East Coast Main Line and the Great Western Main Line for UK routes, and the Ruhr-Sieg Line and Cologne-Dusseldorf Line for Germany routes.

RailWorks also offers a variety of locomotive types. Steam trains like the PRR K4 Locomotive and Union Pacific Big Boy are available for play. For diesel-powered locomotives, players can drive the Crompton or the giant DD40X. Electric-powered locomotives like the ICE 3 High Speed Train or the DB Freight 1970 may also be driven across routes.

RailWorks has already been discontinued following the release of Train Simulator 2013 on September 2012. Train Simulator 2013 contains 3 routes namely: Munich to Augsburg, London to Brighton, and Sherman Hill. However, RailWorks players retain their original content and are provided options to purchase new Train Simulator routes online. Multiplayer is also available as Relay mode.