Rail of War

Youda Games (Shareware)

Rail of War is a military strategy game in which players go on various train missions to help their army win the war. In this game, players have to help troops by transporting arms and coal while moving under the crossfire between the ground and the sky. At the beginning of the game, the players’ train is just a simple saddle tank tasked to gather and pick up wagons along several routes. As the game progresses, players will be able to set up their trains with wagons and select the items to transport.

There are ten missions to accomplish in the game. After each successful mission, players will be able to unlock new trains, maps, and weapons to use. They will also be able to collect bonus items, but players have to be careful to select the route to take in order to avoid dangers. During a mission, it may become necessary to make a full stop in order to refuel and make necessary repairs on the train. Players must make sure to refuel at every opportunity, as the trains use up a lot of gas.

To play the game, players use the mouse to aim weapons at enemy forces and clicking the left button to fire. The game also comes with a map and level editor to enable players to create their own railroads and game levels.