Raiders Sphere

Rectangle (Proprietary)

Raiders Sphere is a computer game set in Tokyo, Japan where a military coup has taken over control of the capital. Players are assigned an aircraft and then sent out to battle enemy planes over the skies of the city. The player as part of a special forces formed as a counter-offensive. The main objective is to put an end to the oppressive military coup.

Each player of Raiders Sphere follows a certain pattern in playing the game. The player receives a new aircraft that is armed with weapons. The player also receives a briefing and afterwards goes into battle.

This is a video game, which is composed of ten missions. The first seven missions are launched in order to subdue the coup. Mission 1 involves shooting down four RR-10 reconnaissance aircraft over Tokyo Bay. Meanwhile, the second Mission of Raiders Sphere involves the recapture of a coastal landfill. The third mission is set in Qinghai Central Park, Mission Five is located in the Ariake International Exhibition Center, and Mission 5 happens near Rainbow Bridge. In Mission 6 of Raiders Sphere, the supply base of the enemy at the Metropolitan Expressway is the objective, while Mission 7’s objective is to recapture Hibiya Civic Center. Raiders Sphere has three Ex-Missions namely Ex-Mission1, Ex-Mission2, and Ex-Mission3.