Raiden II

Kinesoft (Proprietary)

Raiden II is the sequel to Raiden 1 and the second installment of this computer game trilogy. It begins where Raiden I ends. Nevertheless, the game is very different from its predecessor. The game is set in the coldness and emptiness of outer space and starts there years after the survivors have left to escape the alien forces. In the second installment of the game, stragglers have formed an army and players are given the task to fight for this army using advanced weaponry.

Some of the top features of this game according to computer gamers are the excellent music, improved graphics, and additional weapons systems. Raiden II features two new amazing weapons that players can wield in order to vanquish the enemy. The Cluster Bomb is designed to destroy a wide area, but the amount of damage is not as big as regular bombs. Meanwhile, the Plasma Beam is a weapon with the capability to lock on the target while causing damage at a rather slow rate.

Raiden II is an addictive shoot ‘em-up game offers players with a total of eight missions all in excellent 3D graphics. The background graphics are in high definition and quite realistic. Moreover, unlike other games of the genre where targets being blown up disappear from the screen, in this game the target blows up, scatters debris, and leaves wreckage behind.