raidcall 7.0.4


RaidCall is a free voice chat software based on cloud computing. It is developed for group communication, particularly for games that needs thorough communication. This software is mainly used for MMORPG, MOBA, and FPS games. It includes a client and a server so setting up or renting a separate server is not necessary.

The RaidCall program utilizes a Client-Server model instead of P2P model for transferring data. When a user talks, a stream of data is sent to the RaidCall server. The server will then broadcast the stream of data to the other users using the same channel. This program relies on Speex in reducing the noise and enhancing audio.

This voice chat application uses a built-in Flash-based engine for its overlay. This allows users to use the program within almost any game. It can be used for talking and chatting with other RaidCall users. The RaidCall Network also allows users to interact with other users for social networking. You can find and track down other people using this program.

The RaidCall software uses User Data Protocol (UDP) as its communication protocol. This reduces latency when talking to other users offering real-time voice and chat. This program also features different Authorization Schemes and Privacy Settings. This can be used for assigning different authority to various characters according to channels.