RAIDar 4.3.4

NETGEAR Inc. (Freeware)

NetGear RAIDar is a small utility application that enables users to locate ReadyNAS devices connected in their computer. ReadyNAS is a data management device that is used in creating file sharing platforms, consolidating servers, building file recovery and backup platforms. NetGear RAIDar is used to locate and configure settings of ReadyNAS devices and programs. This application is also used to monitor the changes and status of ReadyNAS servers. NetGear RAIDar features a wizard-type interface that provides users with a systematic process in scanning and configuring their ReadyNAS servers. Upon activation, NetGear RAIDar would prompt its users to scan the computer for installed ReadyNAS programs. The application would then display the ReadyNAS profiles in the users’ computer, which shows information such as the MAC address, the ReadyNAS model, the host name, and the IP address.

Clicking on a ReadyNAS profile would bring the users to the device’s main page where they can view detailed information about the ReadyNAS device. Users can set the username and password used in accessing the particular device, view, and change the time and date displayed, access the network settings, and view or change the alert notification contact email addresses. Users may also view the hostname, various user, and group accounts in the server, and sharing options.