RAID Reconstructor

Runtime Software (Shareware)

RAID Reconstructor is an application that helps users in recovering data from a broken or corrupted RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks). RAID is a storage technology developed to combine multiple drives into a single logical unit with higher capacity, faster volume, and improved performance. It was created to facilitate data redundancy, which makes the data usable even when drive failure occurs. When this happens, users can recover the data using the array reconstructor. This application is able to reconstruct any file system within an array, as well as recover both software and hardware arrays, including Windows Dynamic Disk sets that have been broken.

RAID Reconstructor comes with additional features, including the following:
• RaidProbe – the application has the ability to find the correct RAID parameters automatically, such as direction of rotation, block size, and drive order
• Scripting – this application allows users to make use of PASCAL programming language-based scripts in accessing drives
• Lifetime updates – users will receive free lifetime updates as long as the application is in use; there is no need to renew or buy a new version an a yearly basis in order to get product updates
• Copy RAID reconstructions – this application creates a copy of a reconstructed RAID for saving to another location. Users can then use it for further processing using the GetDataBack application