GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (Shareware)

Ragnarok, also known as The Final Destiny of the Gods, is a MMORPG game program developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. It was first released in South Korea on August 30, 2002. The game features various types of server-supported gameplay including Guild vs. Guild, Player vs. Environment, and Player vs. Player. Group vs. Group, Player vs. All, Player vs. Monster game servers are also supported. The game is divided into different map series on two continents. Each of the maps has their own native monsters and terrain. Aside from these maps and continents, Ragnarok also has three main nations. These are the kingdom of Rune Midgard, Schwaltzvalt Republic and Arunafeltz.

The most important aspect of Ragnarok is the Jobs, where players will choose the type of job to take. These jobs will determine the player’s strengths and weaknesses. The job system is composed of 13 classes. Every class specializes in different skills. The equipment used by players is also exclusive for each class. Players will start at the novice level. Increasing the levels will depend on the job they will take. For each level reached, players have the option to change into any of the six “first classes”, become a super novice, or select from one of the expanded classes. Once the player increases their job and player level to a particular amount, first class players can level up to the second class.