id Software (Proprietary)

Rage is a first-person shooter and action video game developed by id Software, and was released in October 2011. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future, during the aftermath of an asteroid collision on the earth’s surface. The game features elements of a role-playing game, where a player can obtain money by completing missions to upgrade the character’s weapons and equipment. Also, story missions would ask the player to accomplish several tasks that would affect game progress. Other aspects of game play include vehicle mode, in which the character would take control of a vehicle to travel during missions or to participate in races. Vehicles could also be upgraded by purchasing parts in the game.

Rage players control the protagonist, a character named the “Ark Survivor”. The Ark Survivor awakens from a cryogenic sleep in an unknown facility and discovers a desolated earth, with few remaining survivors from the asteroid collision. Part of the game play involves assisting the survivors by completing missions for them. The game also features different factions of enemies such as Mutants and Bandits. Enemies could attack by assaulting the player in melee combat or by taking cover and engaging in a shootout. Combat in Rage is done in the first-person perspective. The player uses a variety of firearms that can be loaded with different types of ammunition. The player may acquire new items and weapons by exploring the map or looting dead enemies.