Radiotracker Application 10

RapidSolution Software (Shareware)

Radiotracker is an application that is used to connect to online radios and record audio from. It can connect to podcast channels and popular social radio stations. It also has a built-in music player and a CD/DVD burner. The program is able to monitor thousands of radio stations at the same time so users can see the tracks being played in each station.

The program features a search tool that lets users search for music stations according to artist or genre.
To download music, users choose song title, artist, album name, musical genre, or a specific radio station. Clicking the Start button will make the application locate the songs or albums online. The program will begin recording a song as soon as it starts and end when the track stops, so commercials and other radio talk will be omitted from the recording. Users can convert the audio track to MP3 format so it can be played on any media player. The downloaded and recorded music can be seen in the program’s organizer; users can arrange the tracks according to their preferences.

Radiotracker also features a Wishlist where users can add the artists they prefer. The application will then search online for the stations that are playing those artists’ songs and then download the tracks automatically. The application has access to the complete discography of almost 750,000 artists around the world, covering almost 80 musical genres.