TheBestWare Studio (Closed Source)

RadioSure is an audio player that is geared towards online streaming. The application supports over 17,000 web-based radio stations from all over the world. It can support Internet radio formats, such as MP3, AAC+, WMA, OGG, and many more. RadioSure has a standard media player interface for easy navigation. Users can easily search for stations or browse through different stations that are organized according to the type of program, station, or the city where it broadcasts from. Once a station is chosen, the program automatically connects.

RadioSure has a crossfade effect, which provides a smooth transition when navigating from station to station. Another feature of the program is recording. Users can easily record their favorite radio shows with the click of a button. These recorded files are stored in the computer. It’s also possible to record simultaneously in multiple stations. Other features of the program include bookmarking, and excellent sound quality. Users can customize the look of the application with downloadable skins available on the application’s website.

Users can contribute to the list of web radio stations by adding entries to the program’s database ( The database provides information, such as the station name, the genre it plays, the country, and the language.