America Online (Freeware)

Radio@Netscape is a tool for accessing radio stations through the Internet. With this tool, users can tune in to over 175 radio stations. The controls are simple, allowing the user to easily play or stop the program and adjust the volume. There is a button for launching up to a 10-band graphic equalizer. The user can modify the band or make use of any of the 16 predefined bands for various kinds of music styles.

With Radio@Netscape, the user can save broadcasts in a “Favorites” folder. The user can select stations from the left side of the menu and add them to his favorites. Tthe program’s interface displays technical information about the music heard or played on the Internet. The user can purchase the CD by pressing the CDNOW button at the top right of the interface. Whenever a station is chosen, a “station highlight box” appears. The box shows the selected station along with three other stations related to it. Users can click on the station info to open the station’s web page. From there the user can view the station’s 25 most-played songs in the past week based on listener ratings and DJs’ picks.

When the mouse hovers over any of the related stations, an information bar shows up on top of the highlight box. The bar reveals both the song being played as well as the upcoming songs on the said station. There is no need to wait for a new radio’s stream to be established before finding out what song is currently playing and what the next song will be in that other station.