Tobit.Software (Freeware)

Radio.fx is an audio streaming program created by Tobit.Software and released on February 2012. It caters to Internet radio listeners. This program allows users to listen to Internet radio stations, record music, and save audio files into a local folder. Radio.fx features a music player, recorder, and music browser for music videos, audio podcasts, and video podcasts.

Radio.fx enables users to browse music channels from a selection of up to 1,500 music channels. This program also enables users to record programs up to four recordings. Recorded audio and music files are saved in the MP3 format. Radio programs may be listened to live or in a delayed broadcast. Music channels are segregated per genre. Also, music channels contain a preview or an overview of the station to allow users to decide beforehand the channels they would like to listen to. Radio.fx also features a mixtape function which allows users to create music compilations. Recorded songs are saved individually with additional information like cover art and lyrics.

Radio.fx features a simple grey user interface. The default view shows the music player. Music selections are shown in the left side with the corresponding album cover art. Album information are shown on the right sidebar when a specific song is selected. To change functions, users can click on the tabs at the bottom of the interface to choose Music Player, Recorder, or Music Browser.