RadioClicker 2013

Alexey Loginov (Freeware)

RadioClicker 2013 is a simple application, which allows users to stream radios and television shows online using their computer. It has a collection of new radio stations, as well as FM bands, social, education, entertainment, and sports channels streaming from different countries and spoken in different languages. This includes Russian radio , Europa Plus , Nashe Radio ,Echo of Moscow , Radio Record , DFM , Retro FM, Watch Channel , Russia 24 , RTR Planeta , RBC , Belarus TV, and EUROSPORT. On top of online streaming, the software can record the songs directly to the computer as mp3 or wav file.

Its user interface is intuitive with the song title and artist’s name of the song currently playing displayed on top. The next level are the common radio buttons such as stop, pause, and play, as well as volume that the user can adjust by dragging the pointer to the left or right. The central portion of the interface is the list of the stations. It has a scroll bar on the rightmost portion to allow users to go down the list or they can also use the search button at the bottom part of the screen and type the station they want to tune into.