Radio Downloader

Rosfactory (Freeware)

Radio Downloader, or Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) Radio Downloader, is an audio application that allows users to interactively play recorded radio shows. Users can pause, fast forward, rewind, and skip a portion of the audio clip up to 30 seconds each time. This application automatically downloads the recorded radio shows and makes them immediately available to the user.

DAR Radio Downloader works with, which is an FM radio station that offers over 20,000 shows with more than 5,000 radio stations included in its database. Each show has a record button and when the button is clicked, all future broadcasts of the show will be recorded for personal playback on the website. The downloader can be configured to be able to connect, record, and download radio shows at regular intervals. It has adjustable playback wherein the audio will retain pitch even with faster or slower playback speed. It also has an auto-resume option and aunlimited undo or redo playback positions. Every ten seconds, the application saves playback positions for easy identification and access.

DAR Radio Downloader has unlimited custom bookmarks, folder auto bookmarks, and all-tracks auto bookmarks which re-establish playback position for each file regardless of when the audio clip was last accessed.