Radialix 2

Radialix Software (Shareware)

Radialix 2 is a technical utility that enables users to localize not only their applications (executable files) but also their text and resource files. This utility comes with a What You See Is What You Get editor and a set of productivity tools, including translation simulation and validation, translation memory, and auto-translation.

It also comes with plug-ins that provide added functionality, such as the RDMAP add-on that enables users to search for strings faster and more easily. Because it can extract localizable resources from original files directly, users will be able to easily localize these in the editor. Among the editable resources are menus, dialog boxes, hard-coded strings, and forms.

Users can translate string resources automatically and enter the translation into language fields. The auto-translation feature searches for the pertinent translation in the strings that have already gone through the process, or in the translation memory. When the hard-coded strings have been localized, this application will automatically check the output for any errors.

Here are some of the other features of Radialix 2:

• Use of PROMPT 8 technology in the auto-translation feature
• Localize .NET applications, especially those that do not support the standard methods of localization
• Support for Unicode, making the program versatile
• Validation checking of translations
• Visual editing of forms, dialog boxes, and menus