RAD Video Tools 1.8x

Gametools (Shareware)

RAD Video Tools is a video encoder especially designed for Bink and Smacker. This video codec has the capability to convert many different types of video files. Two of the formats supported by RAD Video Tools are AVI, DivX and MOV. This utility may be used for game videos as well as cut-scene videos.

This is a robust set of utilities that can handle animation, video, and sound information. The tools are known to work very fast. In fact it has been determined that the programs contained work ten times faster than other existing codecs for videos. Despites it multiple functionalities, the program does not occupy that much space and does not hog all the available memory in computer systems it is installed in.

RAD Video Tools is a program set that can convert any video file to a file that in the exe. format with built-in player. This program converts MOV (Quicktime) to DivX and AVI. This set of tools also capable of scaling the data rate to 75 kps (e.g. Nintendo DS video) from 1200 kps for videos which are set at 1280x720p. This set is also designed to handle and work with bad input data such that the program does not crash.