Racket 5.3.6 (32-bit)

PLT Scheme Inc. (Open Source)

Racket is a general-purpose programming language that makes use of multiple paradigms. In addition to general-purpose programming it is also utilized in research, scripting, and computer science education. Formerly known as PLT Scheme, this programming language belongs to the Lisp/Scheme family. This utility is ideal for novice programmers and developers. With this programming language, users can:

• Compose simple scripts and develop these into larger systems
• Extend the programming language to suit individual project needs using existing libraries
• Build a new language or remove parts of the programming language
• Learn about programming language applications and models
• Research about how programming language is used in different applications and systems

Along with programming language implementation tools such as a core compiler, a command-line tool, and a run-time system, this application also comes with a development environment called DrRacket. This feature can accommodate the different ‘dialects’ or variants of Racket as well as other programming languages. This helps users ease into the program.

When working with the development environment, users can select the proper language they want to work with. If users are having difficulty identifying this (especially the new users), they can type “#lang racket” in the top text area of DrRacket and click “Run”. The program will then run in the normal variant.