RaceManager 1.5

onecode (Shareware)

RaceManager is a multi-featured utility that is primarily meant for the use of organizations and individuals that manage motorsports events. RaceManager also includes features that allow users to manage races and dues, as well as membership matters. This tool helps in keeping track of members, and in organizing race events no matter how big or small. RaceManager makes the process of organizing races, managing drivers, running groups, and monitoring race classes more efficient.

In terms of managing membership matters, RaceManager presents users with the following capabilities. The program maintains a complete transaction history with all the important information (e.g. date, amount, comments, if any). The utility is also designed to store unlimited records for every member, allowing for storage and easy recovery of email addresses, telephone numbers, transactions made, etc.

RaceManager can also be used to print membership cards as well as invoice and reports when the need arises. This utility is also equipped with tools to create and print letters and labels for use of race groups. The program modifies the format automatically so that the user does not need to do it manually. RaceManager not only saves time and resources, but it also has settings for customization so that the user can work with settings parameters that suit their needs.