Race for the Galaxy

Rio Grande Games (Proprietary)

Race for the Galaxy is a card game released by Rio Grande Games in 2007. It was designed by Thomas Lehmann for 2-4 players.  The game enables users to build civilizations across the galaxy using game cards that stand for different social and technological developments. The cards contain descriptions, as well as icons that may require some study to master.

Race for the Galaxy gameplay involves building a galactic civilization starting from scratch. The player starts with his home world. Using his initial hand of cards, the player aims to develop his home world into a big civilization. This is achieved by achieving new worlds, learning new social and technical developments, and consuming other civilization’s goods. Each of these actions results in victory points that will be added up at the end of the game. The player with most victory points wins the game. Every card has a different purpose from the other cards.

Race for the Galaxy starts off with all players choosing one of five phases—Explore, Settle, Consume, Develop, and Produce. They do this secretly and simultaneously. During the main part of the game, every time of the players perform any of the phases chosen by one of the players, that player earns a bonus point. These bonuses are added to the Victory Points to achieve the winning sum.