R-Wipe&Clean 9.8

R-Tools Technology Inc. (Shareware)

R-Wipe & Clean is a tool for removing unnecessary files in the computer. The program is able to delete temporary Internet files, web browser cookies and history, auto-complete information, and other junk files that take up space in the system. The application is capable of erasing information from hundreds of third-party applications. Users can verify the items to be deleted before the program cleans the system. Additionally, users can create a customized list for wiping traces left by certain programs. Other information that the program is capable of removing includes the following:

• Registry traces (search results, run list, attached devices, etc.)
• .dat files left by abrupt system shutdowns
• Windows event logs
• Java and Microsoft  VM logs
• Security management logs

With the R-Wipe & Clean application, users can create a schedule for wiping unnecessary files from the system. Wiping can be done when the user logs on or off, after system start-up, of before shutdown. Wiping the system can also be done manually. The scheduled task is carried out in the background while the user continues with other computer activities. The application also comes with a pop-up blocker that is able to stop pop-up advertisements from launching on the desktop.