R-Drive Image

R-Tools Technology Inc. (Shareware)

R-Drive Image is a program for creating backups or disk image files. It creates an exact copy of the image so that users can restore images immediately. The program is useful backing up the system in case the computer crashes. The application’s interface is simple and straightforward. Beginners will be able to use the program easily with the wizard that is built-in on the interface. The backups can also be compressed to save on disk space. As a security feature, users can add a password and comments to the disk image file to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Disk to disk copy allows users to create a disk from another disk
• Image files verification checks the images if they have good quality before storing them
• Scrip creation for actions that are done frequently with the program
• Wide selection of supported devices
• Support for bootable disks

R-Drive Image provides an action report to users for reference. The action report can be sent through email. The Schedule can also be used for creating a disk image. The program automatically creates a disk image even if it is left unattended.