mira96 (Freeware)

Qzoom is a simple application that enables users to zoom in on their desktop. The program can be an alternative to the zoom feature on web browsers and other applications. It can be used for demonstrations, presentations, tutorials, and lectures. After the program has been installed on the computer, its icon sits on the system tray. Users can access the application’s settings by clicking on its icon. This brings up the Settings window. Users can change the minimum and maximum magnification of the application. This can be changed using two sliders. The minimum magnification available is 2x the original size, while the maximum magnification available is 20x the original size. The program is very useful, especially for applications, documents, and websites with fine print.

Mouse Zoom options are also available on the Settings window. Users can select different keys for zooming in and out of the desktop. The keys that can be used are Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and the Windows key. These are used together with the mouse’s scroll wheel. The program’s zooming can also be controlled using shortcut keys that can be set under the Settings window. The options are for zooming in and for cancelling or exiting the application.