QwikChord (Freeware)

QwikChord3 is a program that helps users in creating chord diagrams. Chord diagrams are graphics that indicate where a musician’s fingers are to be placed on a guitar’s fretboard to make a specific chord. Chord diagrams are usually seen at the top of a music chart. The output diagrams from this program can be saved as graphic files, pasted into other programs, uploaded to websites, and shared with others over email. It is a useful tool for teaching guitar chords to beginners. Music teachers can use this program to create modules or training lessons for their students.

This program is equipped with a chord engine that is able to automatically determine the chord names based in the fingering. It can also calculate notes automatically and display these under each string. Users can create diagrams for all instruments that have between 4 and 7 strings. Root notes may be highlighted in different colors, especially if the user wants to put special emphasis on it. Chord names may be overwritten with text specified by the user. Users may also override the note names and use the space under the chord diagram for purposes of interval notation or identifying the fingering number.

Users can specify the output size of the chord diagram for easier viewing. The output diagrams can be saved as BMP, PNG, or JPG.