Qwest Personal Digital Vault

Qwest (Shareware)

Qwest Personal Digital Vault is a program that is meant to provide security to users. With this utility highly valuable and sensitive digital content is 100% protected from damage, crashes, and other possibly harmful occurrence. The main objective of the developers of this utility is to provide users with an application that they can employ in order for them to feel secure that the digital content that they want to protect is safe at all times.

Data stored in home computers and external hard drives are always at risk of being lost due. Qwest Personal Digital Vault offers people a viable alternative. Users can take advantage of the space provided so that their most treasured digital files are kept secure and protected. This program allows for customizable back up scheduling, complete file restoration when needed, and provides manual settings as well.
Qwest Personal Digital Vault is a fully automatic system that offers offsite protection as well utilizing encryption technology. Each user is given a 2GB vault space that can be filled with valuable digital content. Additional space may be procured. Backed up data may come in the form of video files, photo files, and e-mail correspondence that the owner has strong emotional attachment to. Qwest Personal Digital Vault account holders have the privilege to access their data keepsakes anytime no matter where they are located.