QuteCom 2.2.1

QuteCom (Open Source)

QuteCom is a free and open source Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application. Based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) communication signaling technology, it lets people make free high-quality audio and video calls to other users with SIP-compatible programs.  Calls can be made directly to Blink, Yate,  Jitsi, MicroSIP, Linphone, Gizmo and Ekiga softphone users.

This program supports a wide range of VoIP codecs including G.722, Speex, G.729, G.711 and iLBC. The high-fidelity video conferencing feature is achieved through H264, Dirac, H263, and H263+ video codecs. Instant messaging is also supported across SIP-compliant IM programs.  While video and audio calls are not possible, QuteCom users can send and receive IM messages to proprietary clients like Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, XMPP, and MSN.

QuteCom also allows direct dialing to landline and mobile phone numbers. However, it’s no longer cost-free. It requires a SIP service-provided account number. Once a SIP service account is acquired, cheap phone calls can be sent and received through the computer.  It is highly recommended to have a decent Internet connection speed to maintain constant high-quality audio.

The other features of this free program are:

• Encryption via SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)
• Cross-platform operation
• NAT (Network Address Translation) transversal
• User-friendly QT-based graphic user interface
• Short Messaging Services (SMS) is supported
• Universal compatibility. Calls can be sent and received regardless of who provides the SIP service.