QuranReciter 4.0

ShaPlus Software (Shareware)

The QuranReciter is an MP3 player designed specifically for recitation and study purposes. This is a program that contains the complete Recitation of the Quran by Sa'd Al-Ghamdi. This program features texts in Arabic and English. There are three English versions available in this downloadable program. This application provides users of the application with translations of the Quran in a total of 24 languages including Italia, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, and Russian.

QuranReciter has special features for the benefit of people who are studying the Quran. For instance, the user can configure a set of verses for a specific number of recitations for the purpose of memorizing them. A number of verses may also be saved in MP3 format which can be played on any player and listened to while in transit.

Word meanings are also available and the fonts are resizable. The screen can be maximized and is also resizable horizontally. This is a program that facilitates easy navigation through the text and offers users with short cuts for the beginning and end of the range.

The QuranReciter has two modes namely the Verse Mode and the Range Mode. The former is intended for verse by verse recitation, while the latter is for recitation of a set of verses. QuranReciter is from ShaPlus Software.