Wondershare (Shareware)

Wondershare QuizCreator is an application primarily used for creating interactive quizzes on the computer. The quizzes are made using Flash, an Adobe technology. Through this program, the user can make many types of quizzes, which can be used in a variety of educational, training, and research purposes.

Wondershare QuizCreator has nine types of question categories. These categories range from simple multiple-choice answers to specific essay-type questions. To create a quiz, the user needs to generate and fill out a form. In each question, images and other forms of multimedia can be included. Users can insert a video, a slideshow, or an audio track. Symbols can also be inserted, especially when making questions related to Science and Math. The program has the capability to add these symbols alongside phrases and texts.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Branching Questions - The user can create follow-up questions that only appear when a certain answer is given to the previous question.
• Negative Points - The user can give negative points for wrong and blank answers.
• Themes - Users can customize how the layout of the quiz looks.
• Time Limits - The user can set a specific period of time for the user to answer all of the questions in the quiz.