Quintessential Player 5.0

Quinnware (Freeware)

Quintessential Player is a media player developed by Quinnware for computers running on Windows operating systems. It is able to play files in WMA, MP3, OGG audio formats, and can play music from compact discs as well. It can rip music from CDs quickly and lets users encode MP3 files. It has support for video playback through external codecs and allows users to install additional plugins for playing other types of media files. The player’s interface is highly customizable and provides users with access to downloadable skins from the developer’s website.

Quintessential Player has the following plugins:

• Digital Signal Processing – works to modify and enhance the audio being played
• Tag Editing – this provides the player with the ability to read and write metadata from media files directly
• Library – some plugins for the media library provide users with the information about the music they are listening to, while others enable users to organize their music collection
• Input and Playback – these plugins enable the program to play different types of music files and play these in different ways
• Visual – these plugins display different animated graphics in tune with the music

There are also different plugins available that expand the media player’s functionality. There are encoders, source plugins, and icon packs as well.