Quintessential Media Player

Quinnware (Bundled)

Quintessential Media Player (QMP) is a Windows multimedia player created by Paul Quinn for Quinnware. The program was first developed in 1997. It supports various media formats including but not limited to Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WMA, and CDs.

The program is fully customizable. The look of the program’s interface can be changed using skins available for download on QMP’s official website. Aside from this, the program also offers sharing features. It allows users to display and share their own colors by putting the QMP link to any website. This is done by copy-pasting the link (available on QMP’s website) to the user’s website. There are three different links available in the site. This media player also supports video playback via the help of external codecs. Full-speed CD ripping is also possible. Other available features include Gracenott CDDB, Tag Editing, Crossfading and EQ, Audio Streaming, and MP3 Encoding,

Quintessential Media Player functionality can be extended via the use of plug-ins. These plug-ins can be downloaded from QMP’s website as well. Here are some plug-ins available for QMP:

• Language Packs – This plug-in is used for translating the display and strings of QMP into different languages.
• Visual Plug-ins – QMP can also show animated graphics while music is playing using this plug-in.
• Tag Editing Plug-ins – This plug-in offers users the ability to write and read metadata straight from media files.
• Library Plug-ins – This plug-in provides users with details regarding the music being player.