Quilt 0.6a

CLOVER (Freeware)

Quilt is a Java-based utility program developed by Andreas Gruenbacher and Jean Delvare. The software’s name came from patchwork quilt, which describes its function in programming.

Quilt is utilized in managing source code changes applied on computer software. These changes are more commonly known as patches. A developer may uncover numerous problems within the program or other elements that will benefit from improvements. This program aids in setting up numerous patches into a single set to make fixing the problems simpler for users. Source codes are tweaked permanently as a result of finalizing the repairs and then distributed to program users through the Internet.

Aside from being the primary component in developing patches, this program is also applied in testing the program in a simpler manner. It draws out the degree of coverage or range in testing the program with numerous testing procedures or exercises. Results of tests will be used in developing the patches.

Quilt utilizes numerous tools in applying the changes. Tools include transforming class loaders, instrumenting class loaders, report generation platforms, and a lot more. They function in testing, monitoring, reporting, and applying changes once loaded as source codes. With their functions, the program also aids in generating more effective and useful source codes that benefit everyone using the developed computer software.