Iomega Corporation (Freeware)

Quikprotect is an application made by Iomega Corporation designed to backup data files of the user’s computer. Its output may be placed either on a separate network device or an external hard drive. It offers continuous data protection by automatically saving changes on the file even without being prompted by the user. Upon configuration, the user can command the program to make a backup file only once so that the database will not be overloaded.  

It has a simple to use interface that only utilizes a drop and drag method. The layout of the main screen can be easily understood. There are straightforward functions such as “what”, “where” and “when.” Files to be backed up are to be dragged on the “what” screen. The “where” function allows the user to select the destination of the backup file. Meanwhile, the “when” function gives the user the ability to preset a specific time for the file to be backed up. No other special software is needed because the file can be accessed via an external device through another computer. There is also a wizard that guides the user during its first launch.    

Quikprotect runs quietly in the background, thus, allowing the user to work uninterrupted. Moreover, it provides the user flexibility to protect a singular file or a whole folder.