Apple Computer, Inc. (Freeware)

QuickTime is a multimedia player by Apple. The program is available as a standalone program and is also bundled with iTunes. With the program, users can view clips on websites, videos from mobile phones, or movies stored in the computer. The program’s interface provides all the basic controls for watching movies. The slider also allows the user to control the playback from half the normal speed to three times the normal speed. QuickTime for Windows has advanced video compression technology (H.264) in order to provide crisp images when watching movies.

One of the features of QuickTime for Widows is zero-configuration streaming. Users do not need to configure settings as the program automatically configures the best connection speed. The player is capable of playing up 24 audio channels. This gives the effect of surround sound while watching movies and videos. Users can also control the player with the use of the keyboard (J, K, and L keys). QuickTime for Windows also comes with a content guide. The content guide can be used to look for the latest entertainment videos on the Internet.

QuickTime also has a pro version. In the pro version, users can convert media files so that users can transfer them to devices, such as the iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. Recording and editing audio files is also possible with QuickTime Pro for Windows.