QuickTest Professional

Mercury Interactive (Israel) Ltd. (Proprietary)

QuickTest Professional (also known as HP QTP) is a test automation application initially released in 2001. It was originally written by Mercury Interactive Ltd until the company was acquired by HP. This application is particularly designed to test different software and environments. It provides both regression and functional tests through a web interface of native GUI. The program can be used for both UI-based and Non UI-based test case automations.

HP QTP works by determining the objects included in the selected software to be tested. It then performs the desired tasks such as keyboard events or mouse clicks. The program is also capable of capturing object properties such as handler ID. The program utilizes VBScript language for identifying the test procedures to be done and manipulating both the controls and objects of the software to be tested. The VBScript may require manipulations to perform certain sophisticated procedures.

Here are other features offered by QuickTest Professional:

• Extensibility – The programs functionalities can be extended using individual add-ons for unsupported development environments. Some of the included add-ons in the program include .NET, Web, Delphi, and Java.
• Data-driven Testing – HP QTP also offers supports for data-driven testing. This type of testing is applied as an Excel workbook accessible from the HP QTP.
• Exception Handling – The program is also capable of managing exception handling using recovery scenarios.