Quicksys RegDefrag 2.9

Quicksys (Freeware)

Quicksys Regdefrag is a defragmenting tool that is used to optimize the performance of a computer. It features a quick defragmenting process which allows users to open an application fast. The application also helps in determining programs that slow down computer performance.  Defragmentation is one effective way to speed up computer system to a ensure quick and smooth response. This process also requires a long time to complete. Once defragmenting is done, Quicsys Regdefrag will generate a report displaying defragmented files.  Aside from defragmenting, the application displays the components of the system registry.  

The application can be opened by clicking the shortcut menu in the desktop or by using the Start Menu through the run command. The command line for this application is "QREGDEFRAG.EXE -defrag". The user can also type other command lines in the run menu like “-defrag” , “nonprogresswindow” or  “reboot”. The reboot command line is used to restart the computer when the defragmentation of system is done. The “defrag and nonprogress window” is used to hide the application window during defragmenting.

Quicksys Regdefrag features option menus that enables the user to adjust settings. It also includes configuring settings for system management, context menus, and online updates. The application supports 17 different languages.