QuickShelf Application

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

The Microsoft Corporation released the QuickShelf Application as a utilities update for its Microsoft Bookshelf program. The QuickShelf Application serves as the toolbar for the Bookshelf software. It provides Bookshelf users with quick-start buttons and other added functions. With this particular application, it is easier for users to navigate the program and access the Bookshelf features they need.

Microsoft Bookshelf is mainly an electronic dictionary program. There are also guides for grammar and writing style, and dictionaries for Internet language and computer jargon. Aside from providing users with access to the English-language dictionary and the aforementioned sub-programs, it also features the following elements:

• Atlas
• Almanac
• Thesaurus
• Encyclopedia
• Quotation log

The QuickShelf Application serves as a direct navigating tool that can be found on the user's home screen. With this toolbar application, it is possible for Bookshelf users to get the information that they need without having to launch the entire program. All they have to do is select a particular action button on the QuickShelf toolbar and then input the necessary search information on the interface. This will immediately direct them to a window showing the information that they seek. This process can be repeated using the different search tools that can be found on the toolbar.