QuickPhrase Typing Tool

TypingMaster, Inc (Shareware)

QuickPhrase Typing Tool is a simply utility capable of storing commonly used text snippets or phrases and adding them to any installed Windows program. The program’s basic idea is to give users a way to copy phrases or texts to any application instantly without the need to type the text over and over. To use the program, users only have to add the desired phrase/text to the program’s clipboard and then use the QuickPhrase icon to copy it to any application. The program also features hotkeys, which can be used for adding and copying snippets/texts.

QuickPhrase Typing Tool also offers the following features and functions:

• Windows Applications Automation – The program features macro applications, which can be configured for running applications, opening documents, playing multimedia files using a key-press, dialing Internet connection, and others.
• Phrases/Folders Management – Users can manage stored phrases, texts, snippets, and folders. The application’s Properties window allows users to edit phrases and their settings. Users may also re-arrange the stored phrases and categorize them into folders.
• Clipboard History – The application has the ability to save Windows clipboard entries while the user is working. Users may also retrieve text snippets and save it to QuickPhrase.
• Macro Functions – The program’s macro capabilities provides different macro functions including advanced date and time, executing file/application, sending ASCII codes, delaying pasting, mouse simulation, and changing focus to another window/application.
• Data Backup and Sharing – Users can back up stored phrases at any time by copying the Myphrases.dta file to any location. It also offers sharing features allowing users to share stored phrases/folders to anyone within the network.