QuickPar 0.9.1

Peter B Clements (Freeware)

Volumouse is an easy way to control the sound volume of a computer. It can be done simply with the roll of the mouse wheel. This is a unique feature that can even allows the user to determine what actions will trigger the volume change. This allows the mousewheel have a new function other than just scrolling. The software will appear in the system tray as an icon. Users can create 12 rules (mouse actions) that can trigger the volume change. Configurations can also be saved.

Volumouse’s default rule to be triggered is that when the user is pressing the ALT key while turning the scroll wheel of the mouse, the software will be triggered to start turning the volume either up or down. Users can create rules to control other devices that have volume as an element. Among them are the microphone, the headphones, and the DVD player. It also has a simple interface where the players can create wheel mouse rules and other general options. These general options include the ability to start the program when the computer starts or if the user wants the program to be in the system tray.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Plugins that extend Volumouse’s functions
• Changing volumes for specific applications
• Screen Display
• Works with multiple monitors