QuickOrder 2.0

QuickOrder Inc. (Shareware)

QuickOrder is a program that is meant for the use of restaurants, bars, and pubs. This is a professional-level utility that can be used by waiters to get orders from customers for immediate delivery of requests to the kitchen. The application is developed in order to improve the efficiency of restaurant services. Orders can be taken with 50% less time than usual with this application. One of the highlights of this utility is that it has a very intuitive graphic interface. This is a program that is made to make it very easy for the user to delete and add orders.

QuickOrder is a program that facilitates the delivery of order data from the table to the kitchen immediately through a handheld system. This program also allows quick printing of bills and receipts without any mistakes for the benefit of customers and the business as well. The program can also be used in keeping track of customers as tables change and it also allows users to add customers to the database of the restaurant.

QuickOrder is a versatile program that has other important functions, including the preparation of daily reports on matters such as daily gains and warehouse updates. Quick Order can also help the user in coming to a more comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of the business.