Quicken Rental Property Manager

Intuit Inc. (Proprietary)

Quicken Rental Property Manager is an application used for organizing and managing property finances. With the program, users are able to see all their accounts in just one place. These include various banking accounts (PayPal, savings, credit cards, checking), investments, and debt and properties. Users who manage rental businesses can also track their total income, expenses, and those who have not yet paid their rent. The application automatically displays where income is spent. This information can be viewed on a pie chart with different categories showing how much money the user spent.

Other features of the application are the following:

• users are notified of changes and updates on accounts through text and email messages
• monitors the user’s income by property to show which properties are earning
• displays daily finances including paychecks and bills
• has a debt reduction feature that helps users lessen debt through planning
• bill reminder tool, allowing users to settle payments before the deadline

Quicken Rental Property Manager can also keep track of loans. The loan dashboard displays loan information including the principal interest, monthly payments needed, and the projected payoff of the loan. All these are displayed as charts and graphs, allowing users to easily understand information.