Quicken for Windows

Intuit Inc. (Proprietary)

Quicken Started Edition 2013 is a personal financial management software.  It allows users to track their monthly expenses, and record activities that make use of their monetary resources.  It is equipped with numerous categories that allow users to record and calculate their income and expenses.

One of the software’s best features is that it allows users to organize their finances through one medium.  For instance, one no longer needs to access numerous credit card and bank accounts through different statements or websites, since the software already puts them all together in one place.  Only one password is needed to access all accounts that are registered into and downloaded in the program. Users also need to register once for their accounts to automatically be downloaded into the program once they are generated. User expenditure can also be assigned in specific categories such as “Utilities” “Entertainment”, “Groceries” or “Auto” for more streamlined recording.  A cash flow graph feature also provides users with knowledge of upcoming expenses or income.  A progressive guide equips users with know-how to utilize the program.  A bill reminder feature alerts users on upcoming bills, what they are intended for, and when exactly they have to pay them.  Lastly, users can also create budget goals with user specific plan details, which the program allows them to review and evaluate.